Hi, I'm Christiane Wallner-Haas,

a freelance multimedia designer with focus on graphic design.

About me

Who I am

My name is Christiane Wallner-Haas, I’m twenty-four years old and I live in Vienna, Austria. I work as a design freelancer for different companies (See my clients) since 2012.


Adobe Flash
After Effects

How it began

My passion about web and graphic design started when I was thirteen. I created my own websites with simple website-building-kits and learned how to use CSS and HTML. Over the years I learned a lot in building professional websites and also in using Photoshop for web layouts. After my business school examination I studied Multimedia at die Graphische in Vienna where I practiced animation, filming, photography and design.

My career

After finishing my studies I became self-employed and started working for different companies and agencies on a freelance basis. Two years later I wanted to improve my skills in graphic design, so I started another study at die Graphische. I gained a lot of experience and know-how in the past years. I’m working hard to be professional and perfect in what I do and create. Graphic design is my job, my future and my passion.

My clients and partners